Final Project Summary

What I learned: This class was very fun while also being challenging. I have never thought of digital media other than what we see on the surface. This class taught me to look deeper into the design of images, how sound can affect a movie, and how different camera angles and shots can completely change a scene in a movie. I was able to create so many different types of media and share them with my peers through the daily creates. I learned that when creating audio storytelling you need to be very picky and not always take the easiest story. With designing image media, color plays a big part in how the message is conveyed. For video media, using the different categories of camera work can take a regular, boring scene, and change it into something completely different. I learned through this class that even simple media designs or creations can be just as powerful as the more sophisticated ones.

What would I do differently: If I were to take this class over again, I would choose different DS106 bank assignments to do. I chose ones that I found interesting or that I could complete with just a few hours of work and overlooked the more time-consuming ones. If I had to, I would choose some of the more challenging assignments so that I could better understand the material that we are learning about.

What was the most exciting project: The most exciting project for me was the final project. The reason for this is that I got to be fully creative in writing my own story and was able to create different kinds of media to help tell that story. The main media that I created was stop-motion animation. I was able to use my favorite toys to make this story. I have been playing with Legos ever since I was a child, and being able to use them in a school project was very exciting for me.

The story I created for the final project.

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