Assignment One Summary

What did I learn? I learned to think about the way I take photographs instead of just snapping a picture and not caring. The best photos are the ones that are thought about prior to it being taken.

What was harder than I thought? I thought that doing the visual assignments was a bit challenging. One reason is that I didn’t know which ones I wanted to do, and the other being I did not give myself enough time for this assignment to do all requirements.

What was easier? The photo safari was the easiest to do. I was able to find most of the photos required within my room.

What drove me crazy? What drove me crazy was deciding which visual assignments I should try and do before the due date. I realize I should at least give myself a little more time to complete all parts of the assignment.

What did I enjoy? I really enjoyed the photo safari because I had to think about what objects in my room could be used for the photos.

Link to photo safari

Link to How to be a Photographer Reflection

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