The Mystery of Randy Rumblehouser

Randy Rumblehouser, the infamous outlaw who protected the small desert town of Brixenburg, was known for hoarding the treasures he found on his adventures. Before he died, he buried it somewhere out in the desert without leaving any clues about where to find it. It is said that the treasure is guarded by the powerful Green Ninja. 70 years after his death, Randy’s grandson, Tommy Rumblehouser, recently discovered a secret hideout underneath his grandfather’s outhouse. He makes his way through a dimly lit hallway until he reaches an open area made out to be a bedroom. He looks around and sees a few things laying on a table off in the corner. He blows away the dust two reveal three things, a wanted poster of his grandfather, a map that has different landmarks drawn on it, and an audio log that has one word written on it. That word is the name of his father, Samuel. Tears fill his eyes as he presses play and hears his father’s voice for the first time since he was born.

The audio log that Tommy’s father left for him.

After listening to the entire log, Tommy grabs the map and rushes out of the hideout, and heads straight to his uncle’s house. He bursts through the door to find his uncle sitting in the dining room eating his lunch. He shows him the map and asks if he knew anything about this. His uncle chuckles a bit and Tommy is confused. Why is his uncle laughing right now? His uncle proceeds to tell Tommy that he knew about what his father was doing and was told not to say anything until the right time, but Tommy beat him to it. After a few minutes of packing bags, they set off on foot following the map. They traveled for days and were losing hope fast.

Tommy and his uncle make their way to the cave.

They came upon the cave marked with an X on the map just as the sun was beginning to set. Standing at the entrance was none other than the Green Ninja, who seemed to have been waiting for their arrival. No words were exchanged between the two adventurers and the ninja before both sides drew their swords and leaped into the fight.

Tommy and his uncle face off against the Green Ninja.

When Tommy takes the Green Ninja’s mask off, he is met by the face of his father. Tears fill Tommy’s eyes as he just stabbed his father. But his father consoles him and tells him that this was his destiny, and now, Tommy must continue the quest to find his grandfather’s treasure. Tommy and his uncle decide to set up camp outside the cave to rest up after everything that had just happened. The next morning, they make their way inside. The air in the cave is thick and feels heavy upon their shoulders and sends chills throughout their bodies. They can see torchlight from around the corner and quickly move towards it. They enter a large room lined with torches, with three chests perched on a ledge across from them. A disembodied voice reverberates throughout the room saying that one of the three chests contains the treasure and to choose wisely.

Tommy and his uncle arrive in the chest room, but his uncle chose incorrectly and paid the price for it.

When Tommy awoke, he was outside, but the cave was nowhere to be seen. He assumes that after opening the correct chest, he was transported outside before the cave collapsed. He follows the map back home, treasure in hand, and goes straight to the governor’s house. He sets the treasure down on the front doorstep, knocks loudly, then hurries away back home so as not to be seen. As he is falling asleep, he hears the people of the town cheering, knowing that without him, no one would have ever been able to find the town’s stolen treasure.

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