Tell Your Characters Story

For my character, I chose Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars series. Star Wars is a big part of my life so I decided to tell a little bit of Anakin’s story for this assignment. Anakin is seen in Episodes one, two, and three of the Star Wars movie series. We first see him as a child and watch him grow into a Jedi Knight. He was said to be the “Chosen One” but if you have seen the movies, you know how that turned out.

Here is Anakin in Episode Three.

For this video, I took different pictures throughout his life in the Star Wars universe and did a voiceover describing each of the pictures. In the video, I mention a few different planets that will be shown below. The story starts off like a normal story but gets darker towards the end as Anakin makes decisions that a Jedi is not supposed to. Those decisions lead him down a dark path that is difficult to return from.

In conclusion, I believe that Anakin learned that the power of the dark side is dangerous but after some time, he learned to use that power to his advantage. In the end, he realized his wrong doings and was able to come back to the light side before dying, all thanks to his son who helped him.

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