Photo Safari

I decided to take these pictures in my own room. I chose my room because I have a lot of different things that could help me complete the assignment. The experience was pretty fun as I had to think a little deeper about some of the pictures I needed. The picture of my Xbox controller worked the best because it is dominated by the color blue. Another one would be the picture of my Lego Darth Vader helmet. While that object is dominated by the color black, I decided to use it as a futuristic picture. Lego itself is not futuristic, given that I have a lot of Legos, it is the helmet itself that could be described as futuristic. While Star Wars does take place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away… the technology we see in those movies is very futuristic. There are spaceships, guns shooting lasers, and my favorite, lightsabers. My most inventive picture was probably the angle I took of my keyboard. The other photos are just objects I found that could easily fit one of the required photos. For the keyboard, I had to think of a perspective I could take that you don’t normally see of a keyboard. So I decided to take a close-up to give the feeling as if you are a very small creature crawling along the keyboard itself.

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