My Introduction

My name is Ethan Young and I am a senior attending the University of Mary Washington. I am working on a Computer Science major with a minor in Data Science. I am on the university’s Track and Field team and compete in both the indoor and outdoor seasons. I started running track during my freshman year of high school and have loved it since. I am a sprinter and a hurdler, with my favorite event being the 110-meter hurdles. I had played baseball ever since I was three years old and decided to start running track to stay in shape for when baseball season came around. While that did help with baseball, I started to see how well I was improving with the hurdles and decided to stick with it. I still have the dream of playing in the MLB and might work towards that dream after I graduate from college. Some of the hobbies I enjoy are hanging out with friends, playing video games, watching baseball, and watching TV/movies. Both my favorite movies and tv shows are all Star Wars. My dad got me into Star Wars when I was little and I have grown up watching the movies and playing video games about the franchise. I have only grown to love Star Wars more and more as I am able to understand everything about it.

Here is a video of me running the 55-meter hurdles during my junior year of high school.
Here is a picture of my two dogs. Bruzer is on the left and Bowser is on the right.
This song is by my favorite artist, Juice Wrld, and is also one of my favorite songs by him.

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