Look, Listen, Analyze

Analyze the camera work: For this part of the assignment, I chose to watch the Red vs. Blue: Episode 1. In the beginning of the clip, it starts with a crane camera motion going up the side of a mountain. When the camera reaches the red and yellow characters standing on the edge, they appear to be having a conversation. Jump cuts are used to show which person is talking. The characters are being shot from a medium shot perspective and they talk for about a minute. After that minute, the camera cuts to a top angle of two other characters standing on a ledge. A crane motion is used again but this time it is going down towards the blue characters. Once it reaches the back of the blue person holding the gun, it cuts to a POV angle as if we are looking through the sniper scope towards the yellow and red characters. After a few seconds it cuts to the two blue guys that are now having a conversation. The camera shows the same shot size as the conversation before and uses jump cuts to show who is talking. After cutting back to the yellow and red guys talking, the end of the clip uses an over-the-shoulder angle of another red guy standing on the ground looking up to the yellow and red guys.

Analyze the audio track: The background sound has some wind and birds in it to show that the shot takes place outside. The dialogue is paced as if they are having a normal conversation with some added pauses when one of the characters is confused about what the other one just said. The pause helps the listener know that that character is taking time to figure out what the other character meant by what they said. If a character raises their voice it means that they are getting frustrated or trying to get their point across by being louder. Overall, the only audio used in this clip is the background sound to show that the shot is outside, and dialogue between the different characters.

Put it all together: Watching the clip with both the audio and visuals didn’t show much that you could’ve missed. One thing that it does show is when a character talks about a building or something off camera, they motion towards what it is they are talking about. By watching it without the sound, you wouldn’t know that they were talking about something off camera without the sound being added. Another thing that is noticeable when watching the full clip with sound is the long pauses that some characters take. With just the video, it looks as if the camera is just on that specific character for a long time and you don’t know if they’re talking or not. With the sound on, you can now understand why the camera stays on them because they are taking a pause before answering a question or replying to something someone just said. In this clip, it happens twice, once when the red and yellow guy are talking, and another when the two blue guys are talking. The pause shows that the character is either stunned at what was just said, or that they are about to ask a dumb question and had to think about whether or not they should ask it.

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