Inanimate Motion

I am a big fan of Lego and what better inanimate objects are there than Lego? I chose to use two characters from different universes to create a short little video. The first character is Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars universe, and the second is Thor Odinson from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I decided to make the video with some humor in it so I added a vehicle into the frame. I used multiple images strung together to create a stop-motion film where Thor walks over to Luke and destroys his ship then flies away out of the frame. At first Luke thinks Thor is being friendly and begins to wave just to be overcome with shock as Thor completely demolishes Lukes’s ship. I use a playful sound, in the beginning, to make it seem like nothing is wrong. Then, when Thor hits the ship with his hammer, a loud thunder crack is played and then the music switches to hard rock as Thor flies away. It gives the feeling that Thor thinks he’s cool because he can destroy anything he wants but in reality, he was just being a big bully.

If Luke wanted things to go differently, he should have intervened instead of just standing there and waving. Yes, Thor is the god of thunder so Luke might not have stood a chance, but he is a Jedi, and since there haven’t been any crossovers before we do not know who would actually win that fight.

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