Design Blitz

For this design blitz, I decided to find objects and ads for the categories: color, dominance, minimalism, and rhythm. The picture used for color is a commercial for a company that produces medicine used for colds and allergies. The use of black and white imagery is to show how the person is when they aren’t taking the medicine. Then it goes to another image or video in color after they have taken the medicine and they are happier and more active. For the dominance picture, the main focus of the design is baseball themed. Each letter of my name is made up of baseball equipment and the background is a baseball. The minimalist picture is of a Nike shoe box. The only image on the top of the box is the signature Nike swoosh but that is all they need to show that it is their shoe. The last image shows rhythm in the form of a pattern. When I think of patterns, the first thing that comes to mind is a chess/checkerboard. The alternating colored squares create the iconic pattern that is still used today.

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