Design Assignment Two

For the second design assignment, I chose to do a motivational poster. Motivational posters provide more than just words on a picture, they can give hope to those who just might need it. Even the smallest amount can change someone’s day. Some posters can be fun, like the Believe Cat posters, and others can be more meaningful.

I decided to use a picture of a mountain climber because I think that is a great picture to use for a motivational poster. I myself have had barriers in my life, whether they are physical or metaphorical. On the physical side, I hurdle for the school team so those are actual barriers that I need to overcome. On the metaphorical side, there have been barriers that I have encountered in my life from making the transition between high school and college.

The poster shows a silhouetted person rock climbing high on a mountain with a beautiful sky in the background. The motivation comes from the words saying that it is up to the person to decide if they want to overcome those barriers that life throws at them. The original image had a purplish sky, but I decided to change it to a vibrant orange while also blurring the background.

Motivational Poster
Image with changed color and blurred background.

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