Design Assignment One

For the first design assignment, I decided to create a destination poster. I chose to use a planet from Star Wars to create my poster. Star Wars has been a big part of my life ever since my father introduced it to me. Even to this day, I love it more and more with new stories being produced.

I chose the planet called Tatooine. This desert planet is located in the outer rim of the galaxy and has only two known major cities, Mos Eisley, and Mos Espa. It is also part of a binary star system, meaning that from the surface, two suns can be seen throughout the day. Besides the two cities, the only other main group that resides on this planet are natives called Tuskan Raiders.

The planet itself is left on its own by the empire because they see no need to take it over. This leaves the planet lawless from the empire, but not entirely lawless. It was controlled by the Hutt clan, a group of powerful gangsters who did whatever they pleased. Tatooine is the first planet that we see at the beginning of A New Hope and is the beginning of Star Wars entirely.

Tatooine Destination Poster
Here is my destination poster for Tatooine.

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